About the West Lake Real-time Model

Dynamic Solutions- International has developed the West Lake Real-time Hydrodynamic & Water Quality Model as an example of a real-time data and modeling facility to serve the scientific community in Hanoi, Vietnam. The goals of the model include to:

  • Better understand West Lake hydrodynamics.
  • Visualize meteorological impacts on temperature and water quality in West Lake.
  • Raise awareness in the community of water quality issues.
  • Help regulators understand tools that can be developed to solve water quality issues in Hanoi.

Note that the model uses measured wind speed, direction and temperature. However, inflows and some other boundary conditions to the model currently assume seasonal data as real-time measured data is unavailable. Detailed information on the system can be found here.

To access the real-time data used as the model input, click Real-time Data. To view the model results, click Model Results.